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XMT-350 DMX/RDM Tester



DMX/RDM Tester

$905.00 CAD

Swisson XMT-350 DMX Tester / RDM Controller is now in stock!

Quickly diagnose DMX issues, test cables and control RDM capable fixtures.

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$555.00 CAD

We are now carrying the Swisson XMT-120 DMX Test Tool.

A robust DMX Tester with excellent functionality.

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Project SSSHH Incorporated

Credits - Jeff Archbold

Jeff Archbold began rigging in 1989 on steel scaffolding for music concerts. In subsequent summers he continued rigging for both concerts and theatre until graduating in 1992 from McGill University with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical).

Jeff began working full-time in the theatre industry, doing everything from properties work to designing automated scenery for the Toronto production of 'Crazy for You.' His primary work, however, was rigging, hanging rigs in assorted venues including SkyDome, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto Centre for the Arts, and on the CNE grounds.

After resuming studies at the University of Toronto, Jeff continued to work in his spare time until he was granted his second degree in 1999, a Master of Applied Science (Metallurgy and Material Science).

He has since worked in the theatre and film industry on a full-time basis.

Theatrical Work

  • (1989 - Present) Concert Production at:
    Maple Leaf Gardens, Exhibition Place, Air Canada Centre, SkyDome (now the Rogers Centre) and Massey Hall
  • (1989 - Present) Touring Presentations at:
    Elgin Theatre, Toronto Centre for the Arts, Winter Garden Theatre, Hummingbird Centre and Cannon Theatre
  • (2001) "Always, Patsy Cline" - Production
  • (1995) "Sunset Boulevard" - Rigging Production
  • (1993) "Crazy for You" - Automation Design
  • (1993) "Miss Saigon" - Rigging Production
  • (1992) "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" - Production

Film Work

  • (2001) "Death to Smoochy" - Aerial Rigging and Electrical Operation
  • (2000) "Driven" - Electrical Rigging
  • (1998) "Three To Tango" - Properties Installation
  • (1997) "Half Baked" - Aerial Stunt Rigging Installation and Operation
  • (1995) "Bogus" - Lighting Installation and Operation

Safety and Design Consulting

  • (2005) "The Beautiful People" (Television) - Construction Load Ratings
  • (2005) "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" - Aerial Rigging and Platform Design and Load Ratings
  • (2005) "Sixteen Blocks" - Stunt/Set Analysis and Rigging Design
  • (2005) "Fifty Cent" - Stunt/Set Analysis and Rigging Design
  • (2005) "Zoom" - Aerial Rigging Stunt Design and Installation
  • (2005) "Silence" - Aerial Rigging Contruction Design and Rating
  • (2004) "Assault on Precinct 13" - Safety and Construction Design
  • (2004) "Ice Princess" - Safety and Construction Design
  • (2004) "Fever Pitch" - Safety and Construction Design
  • (2003) "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" - Safety, Aerial, and Construction Design
  • (2002) "World Youth Day (The Way of the Cross)" - Aerial Rigging and Set Design & Installation
  • (2002) "Highwaymen" - Safety and Construction Design
  • (2002) "Blizzard" - Safety Design
  • (2002) "The Music Man" - Safety Design
  • (2002) "Bulletproof Monk" - Aerial Rigging Design
  • (2001) "The Tuxedo" - Safety and Aerial Rigging Design