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ProSpeed LED Dimmers, ProColour LED Ribbon, Swisson DMX and RDM Testers and more are all available and in stock!


XMT-350 DMX/RDM Tester



DMX/RDM Tester

$905.00 CAD

Swisson XMT-350 DMX Tester / RDM Controller is now in stock!

Quickly diagnose DMX issues, test cables and control RDM capable fixtures.

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XMT-120A Image



$555.00 CAD

We are now carrying the Swisson XMT-120 DMX Test Tool.

A robust DMX Tester with excellent functionality.

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Project SSSHH Incorporated

Console & Systems Training

Our Systems and Console Training classes help everyone from beginner to advanced to further their carrers in the entertainment industry.

We offer classes on basic lighitng systems that explain how consoles, conventional fxtures, automated fixtures, LED fixtures communicate through DMX and how they all work together. Our basic course also teaches you how to properly read, write and understand lighitng plots and paperwork so that you can mount a production properly.

More advanced classes include the concepts of programming and information on specific lighting consoles. We teach console programmers to effectivley communicate with Lighting Designers so that the process of programming is as smooth a process as possible. You will also learn about computer network connectivity and TCP/IP addressing, which is becoming more prevelant in todays lighting world.

We offer console specific training for the following brands of consoles:

  • MA Lighting (GrandMA consoles)
  • Flying Pig Systems (Wholehog consoles)
  • ChamSys
  • Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)
  • Strand Lighitng
  • Avolites

Please contact us for pricing and further information.