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ProSpeed LED Dimmers, ProColour LED Ribbon, Swisson DMX and RDM Testers and more are all available and in stock!


XMT-350 DMX/RDM Tester



DMX/RDM Tester

$905.00 CAD

Swisson XMT-350 DMX Tester / RDM Controller is now in stock!

Quickly diagnose DMX issues, test cables and control RDM capable fixtures.

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XMT-120A Image



$555.00 CAD

We are now carrying the Swisson XMT-120 DMX Test Tool.

A robust DMX Tester with excellent functionality.

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Project SSSHH Incorporated

Included below are some of our favorite events that WYSIWYG played a part in:

The Portugese Games - Macau, China

The Portuguese Games

Macau, China

Model Conversion

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The Four Seasons Centre - Tornoto -3D wysiwyg model

The Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts

Toronto, Canada

Model Conversion and Position Testing

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The Music of Andrew Lloyd Weber - Toronto - 3D wysiwyg Model

The Music of Andrew Lloyd Weber

Hummingbird Centre, Toronto

Model Conversion & Creation, Lighting Plot Transfer, Port-a-WYG Rental

Freightliner and Western Star Booth - Atmosphere Lighting - 3D wysiwyg model

Atmosphere Lighting

Freightliner and Western Star Booths

Model Conversion

Toronto SARS Benefit Concert - 3d wysiwyg model

SARS Benefit Concert

Toronto, Canada

Model Conversion

The Commonwealth Games - 2002

Commonwealth Games - 2002


Renderings via Render Farm

Queensland Performing Arts Centre - Concert Hall - 3D wysiwyg Model

Queensland Perfoming Arts Centre - Concert Hall


Model Conversion

The Everything To Do With Love Show - Chicago

The Everything To Do With Love Show


Model Conversion & Lighting Plot Conversion

Hub 3000 - Space Park Bremen - 3D wysiwyg model

Space Park Bremen - Hub 3000

Model Conversion

Oedipus Rex - Canadian Opera Company - 3D wysiwyg model

Oediepus Rex - Canadian Opera Company

Edinburgh, Scotland

Model Conversion, Venue Creation, Lighting Plot Transfer,
Virtual Conventional Focus & On-site wysiwyg support

Wizzardry and Magic - The Superdogs - 3D wysiwyg model

Wizzardry and Magic - The Superdogs

Tour, Various Cities

Model Creation, Set Conversion, Lighting Design, Port-a-WYG Rental