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ProSpeed LED Dimmers, ProColour LED Ribbon, Swisson DMX and RDM Testers and more are all available and in stock!


XMT-350 DMX/RDM Tester



DMX/RDM Tester

$905.00 CAD

Swisson XMT-350 DMX Tester / RDM Controller is now in stock!

Quickly diagnose DMX issues, test cables and control RDM capable fixtures.

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XMT-120A Image



$555.00 CAD

We are now carrying the Swisson XMT-120 DMX Test Tool.

A robust DMX Tester with excellent functionality.

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Project SSSHH Incorporated

Project SSSHH Incorporated aims to service a broad range of the entertainment industry's needs.

Our Rigging experts are able to help you make your concepts a reality with a focus on safety that can only be guaranteed by an engineer that has spent over 20 years in the entertainment industry.

Our Lighting experts can take your dreams and turn them into the show that you desire. We offer a full range of lighting design and production services that are backed up by some of the best console programmers in Toronto.

If you are interested in broadening your skill level, then our range of training courses will help you achieve your goals. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced technician we have courses that can help to broaden your future.

Our sales division carries all of the equipment required from a professional's perspective. From DMX testers to pre-production software. We carry what you need.

As a CSP, AWT and dealer of the WYSIWYG range of products we offer you all of the WYSIWYG Products and Services that you require and can back up your purchase or rental with front line support.